5 Powerful Tips To Get Epic Things Done

If you want to get epic things done then you’ve got to get over Tryitis! Do you suffer from Tryitis? This is a deadly disease that affects entrepreneurs and professionals. What is Tryitis? Well, let’s go back to an amazing scene, a very famous scene in Hollywood, where you had Yoda training the young Luke Skywalker and he’s training him on these Jedi mind tricks. Luke was getting really frustrated that he wasn’t able to get something done, and he blurted out, “I’m trying as hard as I can.” Yoda stopped him immediately and said, “There is no trying. There’s either do or do not.”

That’s where the entrepreneurs face a challenge.  They suffer from this Tryitis while trying to do particular things. Let’s look at this particular problem deeper and find out how the following five tips will help you achieve what you want to achieve.

1. Ban The Word “Try”

The first thing that you may want to do is to ban the word “try” or “trying” from your dictionary. There can be two possibilities- Either you will get your things done or you will not be able to accomplish your goals.

2. Get Clear About Your WHY

Secondly, the thing you want to do is to get clarity about your “why”. Why are you doing a particular thing? If your “why” is big and clear enough, you will surely find out the “how” and you will follow through. Most people lose their way because they don’t have their “why”.

If you’re not clear about your “why”, you end up losing your way.  

3. Get Over Procrastination

The third most important thing is to get over procrastination. Surprisingly, a lot of entrepreneurs are closet perfectionists as they tend to spend most of their time in trying to get everything perfect. As a result, they don’t get started at all.

You may want to adopt a particular attitude- “Sloppy success is better than perfect mediocrity.” When you start a new project, you will often find faults with many elements of the task. But over time, you will learn to address such faults. You will master the tricks to make things work in better ways. I will make sure that you actually start getting things done and learn by doing.

“Sloppy success is better than perfect mediocrity.”

It’s okay to be sloppy initially because you’ll still be way ahead in the game.

4. Make Micro-Commitments

Fourthly, make micro commitments. It is a fact that when you look to do something big, you can find it to be overwhelming.  One way to handle this situation is to break the task down and to identify the next step that you should take to accomplish the first part. You can focus on only three specific things which you should consider completing in a day. It will allow you to have a sense of accomplishment and build your commitment, which will allow you to gain more momentum going forward.

5. Do the thing you hate first

The final tip is really a killer strategy.  Set a priority by scheduling the things that you hate first. Super achievers are very clear in what they do best and what they need to improve upon. Super achievers understand the price of success that they need to pay. In other words, they are aware of the fact that certain things are really important and need to be complete even if they don’t like working on such things. They make sure that they schedule those particular things first. Why? Because if you get the most difficult task done first, you will get greater momentum to complete other tasks for the rest of the day. With these five simple tips, get over Tryitis and get epic things done.

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