5 Tips To Generate More Top of the Funnel Leads

“If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing.” — Guy Kawasaki

5 tips to generate more sales leads

Introduction of the new buying process

With increasing popularity of online and social media channels, lead generation has gone through substantial changes. The concept of buying process has changed from finding customers with mass advertising and email blasts, to “being found” and focus on building continuous relationships with buyers. Here are 5 tips on how to generate more qualified top of the funnel leads. 

Sundar Pichai recently said: “The internet and digital technology will be an engine of growth for the Indian economy. Today, anyone can become an entrepreneur, a developer, or a creator, but it is important that they have the right tools and skills to digitize. We believe it is important for us to invest in training and equipping these individuals and small businesses to accelerate their journey of growth.”

A solid lead generation strategy will help you build trust and capture the interest of your buyer before they are even ready to contact sales.

What can help you achieve this goal and keep your funnel full at all times? Start with these five tips:

1.Invest in social media and set up strong social media strategy:

Use the best of social media to create interest in your company, products. Syndicating Content blog posts on LinkedIn (especially LinkedIn Groups), Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook is an easy way to draw in more traffic from your existing network. Here are 3 strategies that are turning out to be more effective than email marketing

Take time to identify key questions and problem areas that your prospective clients have. Develop content to address these using your expertise to educate how you would solve these issues. Also use social media to share key success stories via case studies. This is a great way to position you as an expert. Make sure to tag your client and get them to promote it on their social media channels too.

2.Look to Collaborate

Looking at developing partnerships with companies who offer similar products or services, and use joint marketing and co-branding to leverage each other’s network. Some ways to tap into these networks include publishing a guest post on a partner blog, hosting a joint webinar or in-person event and running a joint campaign on social media, email or any other network.

I recently joined hands with other non competing professional speakers and we hosted a joint event called the Freedom Achievers’ Conference. This generated 200 registrations for our conference. It helped me gain visibility and credibility with new prospects. It helped me launch a brand new training course called the Titan Profit Lab. We used to tag each other in various posts leading up to the promotion of the event.

3. Work to optimize your SEO to generate leads

Your content is the foundation of your inbound marketing efforts. Create content that is impactful to your audience and drives sharing and make sure your online content is optimized to target the keywords used most frequently by people who are searching for information relating to the products and services your company is offering. Think of content as the fuel to all of your marketing campaigns from email to social. High-quality content, you can begin to gain buyer’s trust.

Once you have a good mix of high-value content, including visual content, start promoting it on social channels. The more engagement you get, the more Google considers your content to be of high value, which in turn boosts your SEO rankings. Search engines look for natural links, so the more informative your content is, the more likely people will link to it naturally.

4. Look for Inbound opportunity

Earlier we only relied on outbound techniques like trade shows, cold calling, and advertisements to get leads but today buyers are in control and have opened the door for inbound opportunity. According to Forrester, buyers seek out three pieces of content about a vendor for every one piece sent by a marketer, and for every one piece sent by sales. Because of buyer self-education, your job as a marketer is to be heard through the noise and come up with new ways for leads to find you.

Both outbound and inbound marketing can multiply the number of views you generate, dramatically increase sharing, and ultimately increase the number of potential customers who see your content. While your mix may differ from ours, we find that the following outbound tactics work best.

5. Set up Educational Networking Events

Whether you are hosting a small private function, a large-scale international trade show, or an executive-level webinar, event marketing needs to be an integral part of the lead generation mix. After all, events are a critical component of an outbound marketing strategy. Essentially, events offer you the chance to define your brand, clarify the solutions you provide and establish personal connections with participants. And while they provide you with an invaluable opportunity to engage with prospects and customers, events also give attendees the chance to interact with each other. As every marketer knows, there is no better advertising than the direct words of a satisfied customer.

Events also provide a great platform to convey your company’s thought leadership and raise your perception in the eyes of buyers. In comparison to other marketing strategies, events are more likely to quickly turn a prospect into a strong lead. As a lively, interactive, educational forum, events position your business as a trusted leader in a field of many.

Share your thoughts on how you’d like to leverage these tips to generate more leads for your business. Like, share and comment below.


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