8 Fundamentals of the perfect investor pitch

Chairman of Marico Industries, Mr. Harsh Mariwalla shares 8 fundamentals of the perfect investor pitch. Recently I had an opportunity to moderate a panel discussion on funding for entrepreneurs with an excellent set of panelists that included Managing Director of Everstone Capital, Bala Deshpande the country director for NEA and Chairman of Marico, Harsh Mariwala.

Mr. Mariwala shared an awesome nugget – 8 fundamentals you need to have in place to get your company the funding it requires from investors:

  1. The entrepreneurs background.

    Spend time on this and build your credibility. Investors invest in people first.

  2. Have clear corporate governance.

    Investors want to know that you can be trusted with their money.

  3. Clearly articulate your business model and how it will grow and be profitable.

    What is your competitive advantage and how will you protect it?

  4. Clarify your strategy for growing the business.

    What is your key growth strategies? How will you grow revenues, profits and the valuation of the business? How will you scale up and deal with the challenges of growth?

  5. Share the credentials of your key team members.

    The bigger your dream, the more important the team. The team will manage the business and execute the plan. Investors want to know that the team is capable.

  6. Be clear about the exit strategy for the investors.

    At the end of the day investors are looking for a return so be clear about how you intend to deliver that.

  7. Be clear about your projections and assumptions to achieve the same.

    Be clear and transparent about how you have reached your projection numbers.

  8. Clearly outline the competitive landscape.

    Don’t be dismissive about your competition. Investors want to know that you are up to date about what your competitors are up to.

    Leave a comment below and let us know which points do you use in your investor pitch?


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