[Live Seminar] Remarkable business growth discovery revealed

Are you frustrated with the growth of your business? Have you tried in vain to break through the 50 lacs, 1 Crore, 2 Crore, 5 Crore or 10 Crore Rupees barrier? Are you looking to increase the value of your business for an exit? If any of these apply to you, I’d like to personally invite you to my FREE landmark seminar taking place on Wednesday 28th March at 3.30pm.

The seminar is titled…

How This Remarkable Discovery Will Help You Add An Additional 7-Figures To Your Business In The Next 12 Months Without Wasting Valuable Time, Spending A Fortune On Marketing Or Having To Become A Marketing Pro

During the LIVE seminar (register FREE here), I’m going to take you through some real-life case studies…

— I’ll show you how one business has gone from INR 1.8 Crores to over INR 7.2 Crores in 12 short months …

— How another added INR 100 Crores of Assets Under Management in 12 months and… How another went from start-up to over INR 48 lacs in 6 months. Plus… many more similar examples.

— More importantly, I’m going to show you exactly how they did it using the remarkable discovery I’ve made (that’s taken me over 20 years to unearth!).

But let me be clear …

These results have been achieved WITHOUT using any bright new shiny marketing ‘button’ (like some new fan dangled social media platform or complicated approach that requires a genius to apply it).

In every case, they’ve used a breakthrough, but easy to apply business growth blueprint that almost ANY business can apply.

This is the first time I’ve revealed this remarkable business growth discovery. Don’t miss it.You can register for FREE for the live masterclass here.

Seats are limited to just 40. I expect to be full within 48 hours. Make sure you reserve your spot now. You can do that here.

5 Traits To Make A Successful Team

What are the best teams like? This has been a question for years. Many companies have done years of the research to see what contributes to a successful team. Over the years, Google has made this attempt to understand its people. Google wanted to know why some teams excelled over the others. Before this research, the executives believed that building the best teams meant compiling the best people. Julia Rozovsky, Google’s people analytics manager says “we were dead wrong”. (more…)

5 Traits To build A successful Team

The Surprising Reason Why Piyush Lost 14 Kilos Weight While SkyRocketing His Business by 300%

[Case Study]

I have lost 14 kilos weight in the last 12 months while my business has grown by over 300%! This was a message I recently received from one of my mentoring clients, Piyush Bhatia (see the picture). More than the loss of fat he says he feels 15 years younger and feels energetic throughout the day! In fact, many of my mentees have lost anywhere from 6 to 28 kilos in a period of six to twelve months while they skyrocket their business growth! So why is it that so many of my mentees reduce their physical waistline while massively increasing their businesses bottom line? 

Piyush Bhatia

I’m not a dietician nor a personal trainer, but I’m a business mentor. Read on to find out why my mentees get simultaneously healthier while skyrocketing their business growth…