How to handle business risk with this framework

Business Growth Pillar #6 Risk Management

Does your business have some strong risk management policies and frameworks in place? Doing business is a risky affair and you can’t avoid risk. So it’s really important to have a risk mitigation framework in place. There are certain key parameters that you need to focus on while trying to deploy an appropriate risk mitigation framework. In this article, we discuss particular aspects that you cannot possibly ignore as this may otherwise derail your growth. In fact, all the things that you’re working so hard for can be derailed.


Strong Governance Forms The Foundation Of An Effective Risk Management Strategy

Start off by setting up a strong corporate governance mechanism. If you’re going to get external lending and funding, then it’s important to have strong governance in place. Here, you’ve got to look at not only statutory compliance but you should also make sure that everything is done and reported in a transparent way. (more…)

[VIDEO] How To Handle Risk In Your Business

Business Growth Driver #6: Risk Management

An often neglected but very important area that impacts the growth of emerging businesses is risk management. Risk management remains a non-priority until disaster strikes or a big opportunity is missed. Sustainability of a business depends heavily on how well possible risks are managed.

Entrepreneurs who have realized the importance of enterprise-wide risk management have set up a strong corporate governance (CG) structure and used technology heavily to mitigate risks. As a result, they have been able to increase their readiness to manage risks and improved their credibility in the eyes of investors/lenders. 50% of companies that have set up a strong corporate governance structure have managed to attract external investors vis-à-vis ~10% of the companies that have not.

Technology can help mitigate risks

All the companies that are confident of their readiness to mitigate risks have heavily invested in technology to manage risks and focus more on teamwork according to a recent EY report.

In this video we look at:
1. How to set up a strong corporate governance framework.
2. How to identify risks to your business.
3. How technology can mitigate risk

What business risk are you going to address?

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Business Growth Driver #7: Technology

The Ultimate Guide – How to do Epic Goal Setting

[Video] 7 Step Annual Goal Setting Process with 2 Free Templates

One of my keys to success is having an annual goal setting system. I share a simple framework to set SMARTER goals and some of the common mistakes in goal setting and what you should do instead. I share a vital distinction between 2 different type of goals you should have – habit goals and achievement goals. Finally, I share a video of a 7 step-by-step annual goal-setting process to create unstoppable momentum for your goals in 2018. Read the blog first and then watch the video. Clarity is power. Clear goals lead to a happier and more meaningful life. (more…)

6 Tips that can help you to manage your company’s finances

Managing finance is one of the crucial factors for survival in business. A strong financial structure is required to stay credible and be profitable. Scarcity of funds or mismanagement of finance remains one of the major contributors to business failure and can have your dream come to an end. Here are 6 tips to help you manage your company’s finances. (more…)

Robin Sharma’s 19 Rules For Being Amazing

One of my keys to success is to constantly learn from the best. Robin Sharma has been an inspiration in my life ever since I read his bestseller – “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.” I have had an opportunity to see him live in Mumbai. I recently completed his online course on the Mindvalley Quest platform: Think Like a Hero. Perform Like a Genius. Live Like a Legend. It was an awesome 66-day course and I’d like to share one of my favorite parts:

Robin Sharma’s 19 Rules For Being Amazing:

  1. Risk more than is required.
  2. Learn more than is normal.
  3. Be Strong! Show Courage, Breathe, Excel, Love, Lead!
  4. Speak your TRUTH.
  5. Live your VALUES.
  6. Laugh. Cry. Innovate. Simplify.
  7. Adore mastery. Release mediocrity.
  8. Aim for Genius.
  9. Stay humble.
  10. Be kinder than expected.
  11. Deliver more than is needed.
  12. Exude Passion.
  13. Shatter your Limits!
  14. Transcend your fears.
  15. Inspire others by your Bigness.
  16. Dream Big, but start small.
  17. ACT NOW!
  18. Don’t STOP!
  19. Change the WORLD!

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How Technology Can Help Your Business Gain A Growth Advantage

The Seventh Business Growth Pillar

Technological changes have always reshaped business models. However, what is strikingly different now is the pace at which technology is changing and in turn disrupting all areas of doing business. But, are business models keeping pace with technological changes?

Technology Drives Business Growth In Competitive Markets

Companies that utilize technology to power their business model see a 3x higher growth rate than companies that don’t. Companies that use data for decision making compared to companies that do not have 20% higher employee productivity.

An EY report indicates that, since 2000, digital disruption has affected around 52% of Fortune 500 companies and businesses are failing to use ~80% of their customer data. Notably, by 2018, the top 20 firms in most sectors are most likely to face disruptions that may be caused by sector-specific data platforms.

The survey reveals that although most entrepreneurs acknowledge the impact of technological changes on their business, they either are not ready or have not made it a priority to take necessary steps to transform their business model to stay relevant. First generation entrepreneurs who have prior corporate experience are more open to adopting technology than the older generation entrepreneurs.

Technology Is Changing Business Models

Companies like Uber and Airbnb are disrupting industries with their business models. What are some of the things that you can do? Re-look at your business model. What are the key trends in your industry? What are the key disruptions? How can you leverage new technologies? There’s cloud computing, there’s mobile computing, there are the apps. Can you utilize any of these technologies to actually help you scale up your business that much better? Here are 4 specific strategies to help you use technology to grow your business: (more…)

How to attract funding to grow your business faster

Business Growth Driver #5 - Finance

As businesses grow, funding needs evolve. Funding a business through the various stages of growth is a complex process as it involves choosing the most appropriate source or a combination of sources (equity, debt, friends, and family, angel, PE, VC etc.).

Benefits of Investors

Involving external investors helps businesses in many ways:

  1. It brings in domain knowledge and technical expertise
  2. Opens up networking opportunities
  3. Provides strategic direction to boost growth
  4. Improves financial decision-making
  5. Instills professionalism
  6. Helps build credibility and reputation.

Companies require a well-structured leadership team to handle the corporate finance function. Strong financial controls and governance is the key. Further, companies that have external investors have seen significantly higher growth.  They are better equipped to take more efficient financial decisions.

According to a recent DNA Money article, Private Equity (PE) backed companies have a 40% higher revenue growth over a five year period vis-a-vis listed companies without PE funding.

Like, comment below & share. What do you require funding for?

The 7 Growth Drivers to Scale Up Your Business

Here are links to the various Business Growth Drivers:

  1. Be customer centric.
  2. Develop a 2nd line of leadership that is independent & accountable. This is one of the biggest challenges faced by small business owners. Learn the 7 steps to successful delegation here.
  3. Use a total rewards mechanism to engage & retain talent.
  4. Segregate core & non-core business activities.
  5. Finance – This video
  6. Risk management.
  7. Technology – use it to strategically drive growth.

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Titan Masterminds is a powerful, small group mentoring intensive for entrepreneurs, professionals, and senior level executives ready to up-level their businesses and breakthrough to new levels of success. This is a program designed for go-getters and action takers who are ready to play big and it unveils step-by-step insider strategies and structures that multi-crore businesses have used to achieve peak performance and incredible profits. Titan Masterminds is your chance to work with the best and the brightest business mentors and experts in the world, to build your dream business in 12 months or less.

By viewing and evaluating your business through Neeraj’s “7 Drivers of Business Growth”, you will be able to prioritize your business’ needs. 


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The Course Content

  1. The Mindset of a Business Titan

    Skill is a power that allows you to complete a goal, but your mindset is the state that empowers you to create and maintain vision. Most people don’t realize that 80% of the time, It’s the leader’s mindset that restricts growth around businesses of all sizes.

 Mindset beats skill.

    Neeraj shares cutting-edge processes to break through your individual mindset blocks and shift your focus to tap into what will make you ultimately powerful and a force for achievement in any business. Learn to install a Growth Mindset of a Business Titan.

  2. The Ultimate Marketing Blueprint

    Create and implement a world-class marketing plan that helps you attract the right type of clients. Discover what differentiates you and use it to create an extraordinary advantage to add value. Develop and optimize multiple marketing channels. Identify new profitable products and markets while minimizing your risk. Leverage the power of social media.

  3. The Total Sales Blueprint

    Learn the proven sales system of the top 3% of salespeople in the world use. This blueprint teaches you how to build trust, create irresistible offers and a killer follow-up system.

  4. Developing a Second Line of Leadership

    Learn how to attract, develop and retain an awesome second line of management. Lead winning teams that have clarity, accountability, and competence to get the rights things done right every time.

  5. Leveraging Technology To Accelerate Business Growth

    We live in an age of dramatic disruption. Discover trends that are disrupting your industry. Learn how to use technology to automate and leverage your business growth opportunities. 

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“I have simplified my business in a phenomenal way post sessions with you. I have further refined my thoughts and have created deep focus… Removed clutter, noise, random feel good activity and everything we do/exist for is what matters and it energizes the team.”
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Program Facts

Duration -6 Months ( 09:30 am to 5:30 pm)  
Frequency – 1 Full day session Every Month

Who is this program for?

  • CEO’s & Managing Directors
  • Leaders of Family Managed Businesses                        
  • Self-employed that want to transition to being business owners

4 Key Reasons Why Titan Masterminds Works

  1. Cutting Edge Business Training – practical, proven and tested ideas in business growth.
  2. Business Mentoring – Hand holding to implement these ideas in your business.
  3. Peer to Peer Accountability to make sure that you get the support to follow through.
  4. Masterminding to crowdsource wisdom to fast track your#1 goals for the year.

Registration Process

To ensure a customized learning experience for all participants, we have limited places (small groups) available for Titan Masterminds 2.0. So please send in your applications early. The Admissions will be on First a Come First Basis. Applicants are accepted after a careful selection process that aims to ensure that everyone gains the maximum possible benefit from our program.

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Please take the FREE Business Success Assessment and see if your business is set to grow without you. If you find gaps in your business then the Titan Masterminds program can help you bridge the gaps so that your business can grow without you.



Neeraj Shah

Hi, I’m Neeraj Shah – I’m the founder of Titan Masterminds. I’m former National Director of BNI India… and let me tell you I am no stranger to the world of mentoring and business.

I am blessed to be recognized by the industry as a powerhouse business mentor, visionary entrepreneur, speaker and angel investor and I’ve built my reputation the old-fashioned way — with persistence, grit and an unshakeable determination to succeed.

I believe that when it comes to creating a business and a life you love, it’s all about doing less, not more and my methods have been proven to work again, and again.

One of my core beliefs is that a life worth living is a life that is dedicated to being of service to others. My passion and purpose revolve around helping entrepreneurs, professionals and senior executives like you to create a positive impact in the greater world. Nothing makes me happier than watching honest, dedicated business owners achieve their dreams; knowing that I played a part in making those dreams come true.

Super Productivity

Do You Want to Work Less,
but Achieve More?


Why Not Get the Most Important Things
Done with Time to Spare?


Introducing Super Productivity 2.0 by Neeraj Shah, a total productivity system for entrepreneurs, business leaders & professional that dominates distractions, frees your time, and finally gives you the freedom to focus on the people and projects that matter most.

What If You Could Eliminate Distractions and Realise
Your Full Potential in Your Business and at Home?

As a high achieving entrepreneur & business leader, leadership and management come naturally to you. People come to you because they know you can handle the big stuff. You love a challenge. You can perform under pressure.

But you easily run out of time before you run out of goals. Your ambitions outpace your ability to execute — not because you’re not fast enough, but because you’re constantly getting interrupted by fire fighting. Urgent items and a lack of focus run you right off your productive path.
You see yourself living an energized, satisfying, effective life — not a distracted, overworked one. You want to be proactive, not reactive. You want the power to finish, delegate, and delete so that you can live and work in peace. In your mind’s eye, you can see yourself at peak productivity, but that reality is just out of reach.

What would that look like? How would it make you feel?

This could be you (in the not-to-distant future)…

  • You’re laser focused: You have the ability to be in “the flow” and be super focused on your most critical tasks. You dominate distractions throughout the day. You leave work exactly when you mean to — satisfied that everything important got done.
  • You’re in control of your time: You have the freedom to focus on the things and people you love. You can invest in the big projects that grow your bottom line and your business. It’s refreshing to have quality time to spend fostering your most important relationships. You feel energized and inspired, able to play, relax, and make room for all that matters.
  • You’re in sync with others: Your peers and employees understand your schedule, expectations, and obligations. They come to you at the right times instead of all the time. Equally, you empower others to use their greatest strengths and contribute to the vision you are all working toward.
  • You’re creating time to take care of yourself: Stress has no hold on you — or your health. You leave frustration behind because you know what needs to get done and when. You have the time, will, and freedom to take care of yourself and the people you love.
  • You’re realizing your full potential: You always knew that you were capable of more, but now you get to experience the thrill of exercising your gifts and talents day in and day out. It fills you with enormous satisfaction to meet and exceed your goals.

It feels like a dream, but somebody out there is living this life. Why isn’t it you?

If You’re Distracted, Your Best Work Goes Unfinished

We live in the Age of Dramatic Distraction.

We use and carry devices that ping and ring to get our attention. They alert us constantly from dawn until dusk (and into the night, if we aren’t careful). They do it so much that we can’t help but attend to their chirping. (What if we miss something important?)

Interruptions have a way of destroying our ability to focus on anything. Want to know exactly what’s ailing you when you experience that “spaced out” sensation at the end of the day? You are suffering from broken focus.

You know exactly what fractured focus feels like:

  • It’s the stress headache that starts right between your eyes on a too-busy morning.
  • It’s the shortness of breath when you suddenly have to stop what you’re doing and answer that email from an angry client.
  • It’s the tightness in your chest when your routine gets disrupted because of a time-sensitive incident, an irate customer, or an ongoing personnel issue.
  • It’s the long sigh you stifle when a team member pops into your office and says, “Can you help me with this for just a second?”
  • And it’s the surging panic you feel eleven minutes after being interrupted, when you realise you’re late for an important phone call.

The most common symptom of lack of focus? Overwhelm — and being disoriented and exhausted at the end of the day. This disease is caused by constant distraction. It slowly chips away at your concentration, your ambition, your energy, and your patience.

Experiencing lack of focus means that even if you had the time to do what matters — for your family or your business — you wouldn’t be able to. You are so used to being interrupted that your best work just doesn’t happen. The initiatives that might really move the needle for your organization aren’t planned. The projects that could drive results are left unfinished. And the true attention that you could be giving to your family and friends is going by the wayside.

Studies show that working with interruptions causes higher stress, greater frustration, more time pressure, and increased effort.

But this is just the beginning.

The Cost of a

Living in The Rat Race!

In spite of the interruptions that plague you, you still seem to manage your schedule in a decent way. You have to. You’re a high achiever: you will face all the tasks on your list with grit and bravado.

But stress and frustration have made
themselves at home in your life.

How could it be possible? You’re working more hours than ever but accomplishing less of what matters most. It seems like you are running to stand still. You are playing full out — and you are still getting nowhere.

In the blur of projects and demands, it feels impossible to get clear on critical next steps. The onslaught of tasks and interruptions saps your energy and sabotages your focus. It’s expensive — adding up to a lot of long days and no more satisfaction.

As a result, your business starts encroaching on the rest of your life, leaving little time and energy left for your greatest priorities like your family, your health, and your personal goals.

Numerous and unfinished tasks become the nagging thoughts that eat up precious time with the ones we love. Sure, we’re physically present with our loved ones. But mentally and emotionally we’re far away — our energy and attention stolen by unresolved to-do’s.

When you live a life of chasing the urgent, you constantly start fearing the dangerous neglect of the important. You continually worry that something that really matters is going to fall through the cracks because your mind is overrun. Unfortunately, this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

To counter this rat-race lifestyle, you’ve tried to become more productive.

The Systems that Have Failed You

Guilt and frustration have probably led you to try other productivity solutions in an attempt to save time for what matters. You’ve bought books, courses, and systems to help you overcome the stress and guilt from a lack of productivity.

Perhaps you’ve even strictly adopted certain philosophies for a while, getting rid of everything that doesn’t fit so that you wouldn’t get off track. You’ve jumped on the bandwagon, seeking inbox zero and a day that ends at 5 p.m. sharp. But somehow, they never seem to live up to the hype.

It’s been hard to finish the books or implement all the strategies. It’s taken time you already didn’t have in order to set up the systems you’ve been trying to adopt. You’ve wondered secretly if you might be the problem.

But it’s not you! The problem is that these systems are too complex. They are impractical to follow.

When our circumstances get too hectic, we all go back to what’s familiar. You’ve continued to try to be productive — but you are still giving away your most valuable hours, one by one. You tolerate the interruptions, fractured focus, and stress, because the productivity systems you’ve tried have failed you.

But the fact is this: You were not meant to live that way.

You were not meant to be chained to your to-do list, overwhelmed and burdened by frustration.

What if you could be free to focus on what matters?

My Name Is Neeraj Shah,
and I’m Here to Help.

Let me throw you a lifeline.

If anyone knows how it feels to face a mountain of emails, constant interruptions, and an endless set of tasks — with the pressure to constantly drive results — I humbly submit my name.

If you’ve faced personal and business chaos because of your to-do list, I hear you.

As a father of an energetic four year old, I have been the founder and Managing Director of a fast-growing company. If you want to talk about raising a family, running a business, managing employees, satisfying principals, following your dreams, AND having time for rest and relationships, you have come to the right place.

I was able to go from working 7 days a week, 12-14 hours a day to a 3 day week where my company grew by more than 5x in revenues in just two and a half years! I was working half the time, but I was growing so much faster!! I wish I knew these things earlier!!

First, I need to share an important truth with you:

There will always be more tasks than time.

As I spent years pursuing the answer to making my own life productive and fulfilling, I realised that the solution isn’t magically getting it all done or finding more hours in the day.

You and I only have 24 hours a day, and that’s it.

But how you make use of those 24 hours is the difference between feeling completely overwhelmed and feeling like the master of your universe.

You must learn to make the maximum use of your hours with the kind of focus that only few know how to harness.

And I’m going to show you how.

Dominate your distractions and stay

focused on what really matters.

Productivity doesn’t start with a system.
It starts with you.

We get used to tools and tricks. They can be helpful in many ways, but they don’t solve your real problems. No tool is going to make decisions for you. No trick is going to establish personal and professional leadership for you. Your thinking and feeling must change first. Orienting yourself effectively means tapping into the power that makes productivity work.

Productivity is simply a vehicle for the real pursuit:

  • Quality time with your family, fostering the relationships that matter most
  • The upkeep of your health and energy
  • The ability to make your best contributions
  • Satisfaction with the work you’re uniquely gifted to do

And this is exactly what makes my new course different from anything else you may have tried.

Introducing Super Productivity 2.0,

for Those Who Want to BE More,

Not Just DO More

Super Productivity 2.0 is a productivity course specially designed for entrepreneurs and business leaders. It is a simple but powerful approach to help you win the war against distractions once and for all.

In this course, I will provide you with life-changing, high-focus strategies. With these, you can start each day with clarity and direction, and then finish it with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

I will also reveal how you can…

  • Assess your current time usage and plan a more productive week
  • Divide your days and weeks to optimize your hours in and out of the office
  • Leverage rest and relaxation to drive creativity and results
  • Clear your desk of whatever fails to make maximum use of your unique skills and abilities.

And each module comes with my latest proprietary implementation tools that help you get up to speed and back to work.

Super Productivity 2.0 gives you the clarity, confidence, and tools you desperately need to cut through the interruptions, scale back your to-do’s, and finally get to the projects that will drive results and set you up for long-term success.
To give you an overview of how this works, allow me to introduce the Super Productivity 2.0 for Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders:

This diagram is the key to developing that life-transforming efficiency that you’ve been longing for.

It’s how I balance all my commitments, rest, and relationships. It’s why I feel accomplished and satisfied with my days.

Follow along with me, and I’ll show you
exactly how it works.

How Does Super Productivity 2.0 Work?

This is how your life is going to change as you go through the Super Productivity 2.0 course. Are you ready?

Here’s What Happens First:

I’m Going to Ask You to Energize.

The biggest myth that we have all bought into about productivity will be decimated. Productivity is not about time management. Productivity is about Energy management.

Module 1, Energize, focuses on how to systematically recharge your body, mind & spirit energy. I teach you some of the most cutting edge researched tools to massively increase your energy in all these three aspects. These three lessons are like putting high Octane Fuel in your Racecar.

During this module, you’ll be using tools such as:

  • My Productivity Vision
  • The Flow Matrix
  • Your Energy Audit

With a transformed mindset, you will be energized and satisfied with your work.

Next, I Want You to Eliminate.

You have way too many items on your to-do list. Isn’t that exhausting? It’s more than exhausting when so many things are left undone — it’s depressing.

In Module 2, Eliminate, I will get you unstuck — and you will feel GREAT about what’s on your list. I will teach you to Stop, systemise, and delegate. Here’s an important truth: 80% of what’s on your to-do list should never have made it on there to begin with.

During this module, you’ll be using tools such as:

  • The Stop Doing List
  • The Systemisation Worksheet  
  • The Delegation Template

Soon enough, you will finish the important tasks and leave everything else behind. This will give you the dramatic freedom to spend more time with your family and get to the goals you’ve been putting off.

Next, I Want You to Focus.

This section is what differentiates it from other productivity systems. This is specially designed for entrepreneurs. This is how I was able to grow my BNI India business massively while working 3 days a week.

In Module 3, Focus, I will get you focused on the 5 most important things that you need to focus 90% of your time as an entrepreneur and business leader — and you will feel GREAT about what’s on your list.

I will help you get clarity about your big Vision for your business. I will give a One-Page Plan Template to help create a simple plan that will keep you on track to consistently achieve more by doing less. It will help simplify your business so it can scale up!

During this module, you’ll be using tools such as:

  • The Vision Worksheet
  • The One-Page Plan™
  • Your 5 Income Producing Activities (I.P.A’s)  
  • Team Productivity

Soon enough, your business will begin to get the kind of growth you want. You will finish the important tasks and leave everything else behind. This will give you the dramatic freedom to spend more time with your family and get to the goals you’ve been putting off.

Finally, I Want You to Action.

Aren’t you tired of setting everything up and not really being able to execute? “Almost” is still unfinished. You don’t want to waste your time because you couldn’t turn your intentions into practical tasks.

I will help you shift everything into gear. You will kiss your distractions goodbye and find out how to do more in less time. Module 4, Act, is the heart of the program. I will show you how to consolidate everything that you have learned in the last 3 modules and integrate them with your everyday life.

During this module, you’ll be using tools such as:

  • The Blueprint for a Super Productive Day™
  • The Blueprint for a Super Productive Week™
  • The Productivity Pyramid™

Super Productivity 2.0:
An All-in-One Solution for Mastering Your Schedule

If you run a business, manage a team, or otherwise sustain three or more major commitments — such as raising a family, pursuing your dream, or working full-time — Super Productivity 2.0 is for you.


Super Productivity 2.0 has three versions, Basic and Premium & VIP. For this launch exclusively, we are only offering the VIP version–at the Premium package price.

To summarize, here are the details of each version and its price point:








4 Teaching Modules
12 Video Lessons
Proprietary Tools & Exercises for each module
Downloadable Workbook
FB Group Access + 4 Q & A Sessions  –
Super Productivity 2.0 Bootcamp (2 Day Training)- Admit 1 Ticket  + 1 partner.  –  –

* Add service tax to all above prices

Access to Materials: Your Super Productivity 2.0 Course Rollout Schedule

We’ll be green-lighting your course materials in increments so that you’ll have time to work through each module intentionally. It pays to absorb the lessons sequentially — they build upon each other. As your progress increases step by step, so will your retention. Here’s what to expect:

February 1: Access to Module 1: Energise | Lessons 1-3: Body, Mind, Spirit

February 8: Access to Module 2: Eliminate | Lessons 4-6: Stop, Systemise, Delegate

February 15: Access to Module 3: Focus | Lessons 7-9: Vision, Plan,Team

February 22: Access to Module 4: Action | Lessons 7-9: Day, Week, Tools

If you get everything at once, it heightens the risk that you’ll get overwhelmed and not fully grasp all the principles of this system. As we unlock access to new lessons each week, we’ll email you with a reminder and help you focus on engaging with the latest materials. We think you’ll be amazed by what you learn!

For This Limited-Time Rollout, You Can Have the Premium Version of Super Productivity 2.0
at the Basic Package Price Point.

Super Productivity 2.0:

VIP Package

An All-in-One Solution for Mastering Your Schedule

Rs.99,000 Rs.60,000

If you run a business, manage a team, or otherwise sustain three or more major commitments — such as raising a family, pursuing your dream, or working full-time — VIP is your ticket. You will want access the 2 Day Bootcamp that make VIP a worthwhile purchase. And the Facebook community will be a source of accountability, tips, encouragement, and advice that you will love.

Because you’ve been part of our Super Productivity 2.0 “preview” group, we want you to get all the goods early — and at a steep discount. This is a special thanks for your participation and feedback.

Get This Early Bird Special Offer

Price: Rs.99,000 now only:

Rs. 60,000


Don’t Keep Losing Time and Energy

Your most valuable hours are slipping away.
Put an end to the madness.

You don’t have to keep getting derailed by non-stop interruptions and a never-ending task list. You don’t have to get to the end of each day feeling exhausted by the busyness, but uncertain about what you actually accomplished.


You don’t have to accept the regret that comes from not reaching your potential personally or in your business. And you don’t have to keep putting off your biggest goals or de-prioritizing the people you love most. There is another, far better way.


  • Super Productivity 2.0 is not a set of hacks, theories, or agendas that you have to conform to. It’s not a process that you can only learn if you’re really good at everything and have a bunch of time on your hands. That’s not realistic.
  • The main emphasis of this course is to reorient your thinking and thereby teach you, step by step, how to reorient your life, time, and energy in a way that is the most beneficial to you.
  • You are going to see right away how you can implement what you learn. Period.
  • If you continue to go through other productivity solutions and take on more responsibilities without doing some important groundwork first, you will end up exactly where you are now — frustrated, overwhelmed, and confused about what’s missing. Super Productivity 2.0 helps you nail down the critical principles that most systems overlook, and then you can build on them for greater and greater results. It is the perfect combination of developing vision and translating it into action.
  • You don’t have to be militant about structure in order to use this. You will understand how to be productive in a way that fits you, not the other way around.

And this is exactly what makes my new course different from anything else you may have tried.

Embrace the Freedom to Focus

You can eliminate unnecessary distractions, simplify your schedule, get organized, and finally make room in your day to make progress on the kind of long-term goals that will drive major results and create real satisfaction. With this course, you can experience less stress, create margin for personal goals, self-care, and your family, and even increase your income.

Just imagine how powerful more free time would be in your life.

Imagine ending your workday on time, knowing that you’ve given the majority of your focus to the important tasks that truly matter.

Imagine getting home early for dinner, enjoying some quality time with your family, and finally reclaiming your nights and weekends.

Imagine having free time to pursue your passions and invest in your highest priorities–whether it’s finally writing that book or having the energy you need to drastically improve your health.

It’s not a myth. You really can start each day with clarity and direction and finish with a sense of accomplishment. It’s possible.


So Long, Meaningless Tasks and Endless Stress.

Hello, Freedom.

So What Are You Waiting For?

It’s time to set yourself free.

Your circumstances will continue to throw you curveballs, but now you have an opportunity to gain a special advantage. You can get an expert coach, the right system, and the most effective techniques. Why wouldn’t you give yourself the best chance to do well? Why wouldn’t you get the help you need to succeed?

The only question left is this: If you really want your life to change, what are you waiting for?

When you’re Super Productive…

  1. You can sleep better at night.

  2. You feel more satisfied with your work.

  3. You’re able to be more patient, kinder, and less wound up.

  4. You have time to breathe, think, and dream.

  5. You can make memories with your friends and family.

  6. You have time to exercise, travel, and chill out.

  7. You have the bandwidth to actually achieve results.

  8. You strike a strategic balance with all of your commitments.

  9. You tackle the right challenges creatively and happily.

  10. Every 24 hours, the dissonant noise of the unnecessary fades into the background of your fulfilling, harmonious day.

So Long, Meaningless Tasks and Endless Stress. Hello, Freedom.