How to pursue important and meaningful goals

Happiness Challenge - Day 5

Feeling good about the future is really important to our happiness. Goals inspire us. Goals need to both challenge us and excite us. They help create positive stress or eustress. Choose meaningful goals, take action towards their achievement and enjoy the journey. You will get a sense of achievement and fulfillment by achieving these goals.

Action Steps: Take the first step. Think of a goal you’re aiming for and do one thing to get started. Make a call, fill in that form, tell others.

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What do you do when you have everything in the world?

The Happiness Challenge - Day 4

What do you do when you have everything in the world? Why do billionaires like Bill Gates start a foundation? Once our basic human needs are met then we need to have a life that meets the higher human needs: growth & contribution. If we are to have a fulfilling life then we need to look beyond ourselves and help others. Giving creates a life of meaning and happiness. Giving positively impacts both the giver and the receiver.

For generations, we have focused on the individual drivers of success: passion, hard work, talent, and luck. But in today’s dramatically reconfigured world, success is increasingly dependent on how we interact with others. In Give and Take, Adam Grant, an award-winning researcher, and Wharton’s highest-rated professor examines how helping others is a key success driver.

There are many simple ways in which one can contribute beyond just money.

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Do You Want To Be Happier, Healthier & Live Longer?

The Happiness Challenge - Day 3

People with strong relationships are happier, healthier & live longer. Neeraj shares some simple ways in which you can establish connection rituals to nurture important relationships. Connect with 3 people today. Take the happiness challenge and make the world a happier place.

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A Surprising & Fun Exercise to Make You Happier & Healthier

The Happiness Challenge - Day 2

Exercise is an easy and simple way to uplift our mood. The mind and body are connected. Taking care of our body with rest, healthy eating, and exercise is essential to our wellbeing. Neeraj shares a simple exercise that is fun and has multiple benefits. Watch the video, like, comment – how you will lift your well-being today? and share the #HappinessChallenge with others. Let’s make you and the world a happier place!

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The #1 Myth That Is Stopping You Being Successful

The Happiness Challenge - Day 1

As a society, we have bought into this myth from a young age. In fact, it is ingrained into our culture and it is hurting our success in every area of our life. I share the simple antidote that you can apply immediately into your life to be happier and more successful. If you’d like to be more productive, have 37% more sales, have better relationships, be healthier and more successful in every area of your life then I invite you to take the happiness challenge for the next 10 days!

Today is International Day of Happiness and I wanted to share a topic that I’m very passionate about. I share 10 different ways in which you can be happier over the next 10 days. Join me for the #Happiness#Challenge and be happier in the next 10 days.

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Life wisdom from one of the world’s highest paid cosultants

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith's 5 most important things in life?

Being the best is never an accident. If you’re aiming to be amazing at what you do – whether it’s your business, your job, or even your relationship – one of the best things you can do is elevate who you study from. I have made it a habit to only learn from the best! Recently I had the opportunity to spend 90 minutes one to one with the world’s #1 leadership coach.

If you google “helping successful leaders,” you’ll notice something strange. Virtually the entire first search results point to one person: Dr. Marshall Goldsmith.

Harvard Business Review and The Wall Street Journal note that Dr. Goldsmith is one of the top 10 leadership and business experts in the world. He’s also the author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There (one of my favorite book titles of all time).

I recently sat down with him and asked him questions I’d been wanting to ask for years.

Dr. Goldsmith is one of the few people who can answer these questions. Recently, I sat down to talk with him as part of my Titan Masterminds program to help accelerate success of entrepreneurs.

I want to share one of my favorite parts from our chat. In it, he talks about the 5 things that matter most in life. Trust me you will want to hear what he has to say. Like, comment below and share the wisdom!


[VIDEO] Goal Setting For Your Best Year Yet

7 Steps to creating unstoppable momentum in 2017

[VIDEO] Goal Setting – 7 Steps to creating unstoppable momentum in 2017!

Neeraj shares his 7 step goal setting process that is proven to help you set & achieve your BIG Goals! Set up your best year yet with this simple process today in just 20 minutes. Have a pen and paper ready.

Leave a comment below – What is your top goal for 2017?


The Ultimate Goal Setting Guide

This is the ultimate guide on how to achieve any goal in 2017. It’s that time of year when we start looking forward to the new year. Create unstoppable momentum for 2017. I have used these to achieve major life and business goals.


HOW TO ACHIEVE ANY GOAL IN 2017 – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires


“Obstacles are the frightful things you see when you take your eyes of the goal.” – Henry Ford

One of the biggest challenges to achieving any goal whether it be working out or a business goal, is finding the motivation to stick with the goal

If you stick with something long enough you will eventually achieve it.

Here are 15 proven steps to achieve any goal in 2017!

1. Master Your Inner Game

To win the outer game you have got to master your inner game. Success is an inside job.

A key distinction I learned is that there is a difference between inspiration and motivation.

Motivation comes from outside, but inspiration comes from within and inspiration is much more sustainable in the long run then motivation.

Motivation is external. It’s like a hot bath, after a while if gets cold.

2. Start where you are & appreciate what’s working.

No matter how bad things are there is always something in your life or business that is working out.

Appreciate that. Give thanks to that! It starts you out with an attitude of gratitude. That’s one of the most powerful attitudes you can have. it will lay the foundation for more good things to come into you life.

It will allow you to amp up your inspiration. I start any goal setting with writing down all my wins over the past year and relishing them. (more…)

9 Routines Successful People Do Every Single Morning

Simple hacks to have a powerful and productive day

If you study a successful person, you will likely have found someone who has a well established morning routine that helps them to have a productive day every day. That isn’t just a good habit either – the way you start your morning has a definite impact on how the entire day goes. Here are 9 routines successful people do every single morning.

9 routines successful people

By creating routines or rituals that force you to discipline yourself to do certain necessary tasks each day, you can practically become successful by default. Having a morning ritual, is the single most important step you can take to have a successful and productive day.

Here are 9 routines successful people do every single morning. Try adopting a few of them and see if you’re not enjoying more success in your life.

  1. The Evening Planning Ritual

To have a great morning, have an evening planning ritual. It sounds counter intuitive, but the research shows it works. The evening planning ritual is simply a list of what it is you hope to accomplish in any given day. Add to that what time you will do the task and where you will do it. It is always best to have one prepared the night before. This will not only save you a step in the morning, but it will also enable you to compile the list when tasks and goals are fresh on your mind from the day just completed.

The agenda should function as something of a mission statement for the day. Though you may get off course from time to time, by reviewing your agenda you will be able get right back on track quickly. I generally focus on 3 important items to get done every day.

Planning your day at the start of the day is one of the biggest time wasters of the day. You are more likely to get sucked in by the fire fighting instead of focusing on the important tasks.

  1. Get Up a Little Earlier Than You Need To

It’s amazing how much you can accomplish in the morning simply by getting up an extra 20 or 30 minutes early. That will not only give you time to do what you need to do, but it will also allow you to do it in a slower and more thoughtful way. And that can leave you less stressed and more prepared for the day ahead. (more…)

Why energy management is better than time management

5 hacks to boost your productivity

When I shifted to a 3 day work week some years ago I was looking at key hacks to up level my productivity massively. The single biggest thing that impacted by productivity was this: productivity is more to do with energy management rather than time management.


I highly recommend the amazing research on the topic put together by Tony Schwartz in his super book: The Energy Project. While time is finite – we only have 168 hours a week no matter who you are. Energy on the other, had if managed right, can be flexed and increased.

There are 3 parts that you can systematically energise so that you have a super productive day:

  1. Physical Energy
  2. Emotional & Mental Energy
  3. Spirit Energy

In Physics, energy is the capacity to work. If you have more energy than you can get more done in the same time. So these are my 5 key energy management hacks that guarantee a Super Productive Day:

  1. Identify your highest energy time of day – Everyone is different. Some people work best at night, others are morning people. Identify which part of the day works best for you. For me it is definitely the morning. In the remaining part of the blog, I’d like to share how I set up a super productive day.
  2. Have a morning ritual – This sets me up both physically, mentally and emotionally for the rest of the day. I call this my hour of power.

    For me this covers 3 parts:
    (a) Meditation – I start with 20 minutes of meditation, shortly after getting up. There are 1400 plus studies on the positive effects of meditation on your overall well being, productivity, focus, happiness, success and resilience. It helps positively alter your blood chemistry so that you secrete happy chemicals like dopamine and serotonin.

    Meditation also helps strengthen the membrane between left and right brain hemispheres so that you are able to better utilise both the logical and creative parts of your brain.I use the 6 Phase Meditation by Vishen Lakhianai available on the Omvana app. It is a guided meditation. (more…)