The Ultimate Goal Setting Guide

This is the ultimate guide on how to achieve any goal in 2017. It’s that time of year when we start looking forward to the new year. Create unstoppable momentum for 2017. I have used these to achieve major life and business goals.


HOW TO ACHIEVE ANY GOAL IN 2017 – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires


“Obstacles are the frightful things you see when you take your eyes of the goal.” – Henry Ford

One of the biggest challenges to achieving any goal whether it be working out or a business goal, is finding the motivation to stick with the goal

If you stick with something long enough you will eventually achieve it.

Here are 15 proven steps to achieve any goal in 2017!

1. Master Your Inner Game

To win the outer game you have got to master your inner game. Success is an inside job.

A key distinction I learned is that there is a difference between inspiration and motivation.

Motivation comes from outside, but inspiration comes from within and inspiration is much more sustainable in the long run then motivation.

Motivation is external. It’s like a hot bath, after a while if gets cold.

2. Start where you are & appreciate what’s working.

No matter how bad things are there is always something in your life or business that is working out.

Appreciate that. Give thanks to that! It starts you out with an attitude of gratitude. That’s one of the most powerful attitudes you can have. it will lay the foundation for more good things to come into you life.

It will allow you to amp up your inspiration. I start any goal setting with writing down all my wins over the past year and relishing them.

3. Focus on just ONE Wildly Important Goal (WIG).

Given that all other things are constant what one thing if you achieved would make the biggest difference in the end result you want to achieve.

Make a decision and then cut yourself from any other outcome. Once you have made the decision then take ONE action because ACTION is what creates momentum.

It focuses you and your team on ONE thing. It puts into SHARP focus. It’s easy to communicate, measure and track.

Let the goal stretch you.

What’s important is who you become in the pursuit of the goal rather than just the achievement of the goal.

Learn how you can use the WIG to lead and manage winning teams.

4. Visualize Success

Imagine that you have already achieved your goal. Picture it vividly and feel the great emotions.

The brain doesnt realize the difference between something imagined and something real.

Visualize daily! It’s a great way to start out your day!

5. Be clear about your WHY?

Write down the benefits of achieving your goals. The more you can emotionally connect to these benefits the more powerful it will drive you.

When you waiver it will help reconnect you to WHY this is important.

The bigger your WHY – the greater the intrinsic motivation (inspiration) to achieve the goal. The more likely you will take inspired ACTION.

Your “WHY” is the biggest factor to your success.

“Find your WHY and you will find you way!” Neeraj Shah

It creates the stamina you need to succeed in this world. It builds grit and tenacity!

When you have a strong “why”…success becomes simple.

6. Start Small

Big goals are daunting and that’s why most of us don’t get started on them. So instead chunk them into small parts.

For example to read 12 books in a year is daunting, but to read one book in the next 30 days seems more doable.

Once you have read the book it will create more momentum. You are more likely to consider following through with the next book the next month.

7. Focus on your lead measure

For example if your goal is to lose weight (result) than the lead measure maybe to run 2 kilometres 3 times a week and eat “X” many calories less.

Actioning the lead measures will produce the end result. More about lag vs. lead indicators here.

8. Over communicate

Over communicate your lead measures and goal with your friends, colleagues, facebook friends etc.

It will create anticipation within you and accountability for you. Tell people who care about you or the result. Ask them to check in with you periodically.

Get help from your supporters with positive comments and quotes.

9. Measure daily

What gets measured gets managed and done. A few small actions daily will begin to add up in the results that follow in the weeks and months ahead.

Having a FUN, SIMPLE & COMPELLING Scoreboard will get you and everyone else excited.

If you don’t follow through one day – don’t beat yourself up. Restart the next day with fresh enthusiasm. Visualise again, re-read your benefits and connect with your WHY.

10. Over Communicate Progress

There is no such thing as over communication!

It lets you and everyone know that this thing is important.

Take pride in communicating progress on your lead measures.

When you are doing well – others need your spark and enthusiasm. When you are not doing so well you need other people’s enthusiasm.

11. Create Accountability – Nicely

Be strengths focused. Do things according to your strengths. Find people who can help you with your weaknesses.

If you are struggling – share and ask for help.

Be solutions focused. For teams – Rather than pointing out what someone hasn’t done – instead focus on helping them.

12. Be aware of inertia

When you initially start working on a goal – it seems nothing is happening – worse sometimes things even go backwards.

Remember there is inherent inertia. You sometimes have to continue working on your lead measure activities for sometime before you see results.

Have faith that what you are doing is working. Enjoy working on the lead measures – make it like a game.

13. Over Communicate – Daily or hourly

As you overcome inertia, you will begin to gain momentum. Amp up the momentum by increasing the frequency of communication (Ok maybe hourly is a little too much! – Well it depends on the goal and timeline)!

14. Celebrate in style


Celebrate little wins and milestones along the way. Treat yourself and savour the moment.

But treat yourself with things that will not sabotage the final result – i.e. don’t go on a five dessert binge after having lost 1/2 a kilo!

15. Set the next goal as you near completion of the current one.

This is one of the most important ways in which you can keep momentum going in your life and business. You can pick another part of your life and business to focus on so that there is variety and you develop in a more balanced manner!

Enjoy the journey and the destination too! Relish who you become as a result of achieving your goals!

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