One Powerful Way to be Happier and Successful

#1 Myth to Success

Would you like to be 31% more productive or increase your sales by 37%? Perhaps you want to be happier and successful? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of those, then there’s a strategy that will help you achieve your goals. It’s very simple – be happy first and success will follow. Before we dig deeper into this strategy, let’s debunk a particular myth that is actually stopping us from being happier, as a result of which we are getting way less success than we truly deserve.

#1 Myth to Success

The #1 Myth Stopping You From Being Successful

So, what this particular myth is all about? As we grew up, this particular concept had been ingrained in us, and the idea is prevalent throughout the society. We’re all told, “You have to work hard, achieve, and then you can be happy.” Can you relate to that? Well, it doesn’t work like that. Research shows that you need to happily achieve, you need to enjoy the journey along the way, rather than achieve to be happy. There are some very ultra successful people who are driven to achieve, and they find that no matter how much they achieve, they’re left feeling empty. You have to learn to actually enjoy the journey and this way, you will feel happier about what you do and what you are trying to achieve. You will get greater success.

Are You Ready To Accept The Happiness Challenge?

Happiness is the rocket fuel for success. Over the next few weeks, you will be introduced to 10 specific exercises that you can do on a daily basis to feel happier about what you do, which will, in turn, make you more successful, more productive, improve your sales and your relationships. If you appreciate the theory, get ready for the happiness challenge. Here we go…

“Happiness is the Rocket Fuel for Success”

Learn to increase your happiness setpoint by 25%

You can increase your happiness quotient by practicing a gratitude ritual. Dr. Robert Emmons, from the University of California, Davis, has performed some incredible research on this, and what he found was that we all have a happiness set point within us. It’s a little bit like a temperature set point in an air conditioner. You’ve set the temperature to a certain level, say, for example, 24 degrees, and if the temperature rises above this limit, then the air conditioner will kick in and make it cooler. And once it drops below that temperature, the air conditioner will stop.

Similarly, we all have a certain happiness set point, and if we’re generally happy, then we’ll be able to do that, and if we’re not feeling that happy on a general basis, then we will return back.  For example, if you have won the lottery, there’ll be that certain rush, you’ll feel great for a while, and then you’ll return back to your happiness set point. So if you’d like to increase your happiness set point by 25%, practice a gratitude ritual.

How To Practise a Gratitude Ritual

When you wake up in the morning, before you get out of bed, do a simple exercise. Start with yourself first as, normally, we don’t give ourselves enough credit, we don’t love ourselves, we don’t appreciate ourselves. Think what you appreciate about yourself. What are the gifts you have? Do you have talents worth appreciating? Start with yourself first. Next, go out to the next level, look at your family. What are those things that you feel grateful for in your family? Then look for your friends and after that, look for the larger community out there. It could be your clients, your suppliers, the kind of great people you work with. Start by appreciating them and then they will appreciate you. They increase in value and you’ll find that you are feeling happier.

Here is a Video on  The #1Myth that is stopping you being Successful

Today’s challenge is simple as this. Think, what are some of the gifts and talents that you are grateful for? Who are you grateful for in your life, and why are you grateful?

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