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3 thoughts on “[VIDEO] How to increase your sales by 20%

  1. Dear Sir,

    Its a very nice video . its says about the process which is 100 percent true.
    However, at the end it will boiled down to pricing and pricing and only pricing . who ever is giving the best they will win the customer.

    we have been following of 80 : 20 ratio which is 80 percent the sales man speak and remaining 20 percent the customer speaks . so that to understand better.

    please let us know how do we go about it.

    • Dear Anil Kumar P R,
      40% to 50% of the time of a great salesperson should be spent on asking questions of the customer so that they are very clear about their needs. If done in the right way the client will discover needs that they had not even fully articulated. This will help differentiate you for the rest of your competitors. Then you are able to give a more custom solution. Also if you have a product funnel then you can have a range of products and services with different price points. See my blog on the same here :