[VIDEO] Goal Setting For Your Best Year Yet

7 Steps to creating unstoppable momentum in 2017

[VIDEO] Goal Setting – 7 Steps to creating unstoppable momentum in 2017!

Neeraj shares his 7 step goal setting process that is proven to help you set & achieve your BIG Goals! Set up your best year yet with this simple process today in just 20 minutes. Have a pen and paper ready.

Leave a comment below – What is your top goal for 2017?


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5 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Goal Setting For Your Best Year Yet

  1. I am a great follower of Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma and a few others from whom I picked up the process of Goal Setting and more importantly, achieving stretched Goals.
    I conduct workshops on the subject too.
    But, I am amazed with the simplicity with which Neeraj Shah has put across a lot in just 20 mins. An inspiring and meaningful video.
    We have tremendous talent in India but we still hold foreign trainers and speakers in awe. I learned some excellent stuff when Neeraj, in about 30 mins, talked of Organised Working in a BNI Summit in 2015. I loved his concept of working in chunks and I now use it profitably.
    I salute Neeraj for his knowledge, attitude and magnanimity and wish him the best