[VIDEO] Take charge of your TO DO List

Take charge of your TO DO list. Research, according to Linkedin, shows that 11% of people ever finish their TO DO list, that means 89% struggle with their TO DO list. Neeraj shares a powerful #Productivity #hack to dominate your TO DO list! You will be surprised by the research behind this hack & it’s effectiveness! #Mentor


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3 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Take charge of your TO DO List

  1. Its true. When we write it , we can see that most gets done.
    Only when we have to depend on others gets delayed.
    This info for them also will be useful.

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  2. Very informative and useful…something that we all sort of know, but never do it guessing it isn’t required. Your posts are very inspiring
    Thanks & Regards ,

  3. Simple and easy to implement. Jotting down on a piece of paper is very EFFECTIVE. It helps.Very useful Tool.
    Thanks and Regards
    Sunil Savla
    Savla properties
    Linking Road Khar.