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“I closed $30,000 dollars in one day with one of the LinkedIn strategies.”
– Deepti Pathak, Leadership Coach

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AI Content System to build authority & trust fast

Generate a lucrative stream of high-value clients


Supercharge LinkedIn with AI

Unlock the full potential of LinkedIn with our exclusive AI driven program, tailored for entrepreneurs, consultants, and coaches aiming for a quick $10K boost in just 90 days. With us, skip the tech hassles and exorbitant marketing costs and pave your way to a consistent high-value client pipeline.

Leverage our proven LinkedIn methodology to identify and connect with $10K clients in just 15-minutes a day

Discover ideal prospects with our secret networking strategies, saving time by avoiding unqualified leads.

Eliminate confusion, our structured AI program outlines each step for you to solely focus on winning clients.

Enhance engagement and build trust quickly with AI-driven messaging scripts.

Elevate your LinkedIn profile instantly with expert prompts, showcasing you as an industry authority.

Attract 2-10x more prospects without additional costs on LinkedIn promotions or ads.

Expert prompts and support let you focus on networking and sales, not tech troubleshooting.

Our propritary sales system boosts conversions and reduces drop-offs.

“My first post generated over 52,000 views and 15 new appointments off the back of it!”
Sonakshi Pratap
“This system has helped me build a solid personal brand and generate over 25 lacs business”
Shrikanth Acharya
Corporate Gifting
“I was able to close US$30,000 in one day with one of the strategies that generated 18 appointments”
Deepti Pathak
Leadership Coach
Discover a game-changing approach to LinkedIn marketing through the AI LinkedIn Accelerator Program, crafted exclusively for small business owners, coaches, and consultants.

1. Unveil the secret AI custom GPTs to transforming your LinkedIn profile into a high-converting sales page, and establish yourself as a go-to expert in your industry.

2. This program empowers you to harness AI-driven content systems, generating riveting personalised posts in seconds without you typing a single word.

3. Orchestrate an automated or manual outreach system, saving you 1-2 hours daily while turning profile views into warm leads.

4. Dive into a wealth of knowledge through self-paced training modules, live weekly Q&As and monthly masterclasses from AI & LinkedIn experts.

Ready to transcend the ordinary and step into a realm of  LinkedIn mastery? 

Your journey towards becoming an industry titan begins here. Click the ‘Apply Now’ button, fill out the brief application form, and embark on an expedition with the Unlock LinkedIn with AI  Program that’s destined to redefine your professional narrative. Your thriving LinkedIn presence is just an application away. Act now, and seize the reins of your digital destiny.

Unmatched Benefits

Stop Wasting Time

Are you ready to bid farewell to the relentless grind of traditional marketing, and embrace a future where high-value clients reach out to you, recognizing your indelible industry authority?

Peace of Mind

Have you ever imagined the peace of mind and business transformation that could unfold when cutting-edge AI aligns with your LinkedIn strategy, catapulting you into a realm of effortless lead generation and robust client engagements?

Proven System

Isn't it time to invest in a proven system that not only promises, but delivers a tangible influx of client opportunities, elevating your brand to the coveted position of a go-to industry expert, all while being supported by a community of ambitious, like-minded professionals?

Your pathway to mastering LinkedIn and building a legacy of success is merely a click away. With the AI LinkedIn Accelerator Program, every day is a stride towards achieving the unachievable, transcending the ordinary, and redefining what’s possible in the digital sphere.

What experts are saying

“I have mentored many entrepreneurs. But none like Neeraj. He is extraordinarily talented — I have NEVER seen anyone do what he’s doing with CHATGPT for example. And he does it all seriously focused on the outcomes he brings you. A conversation with him will, I’m sure, take you to amazing places.”

Paul Dunn

Founder, B1G1

“Neeraj taught me some phenomenal applications for AI, and ChatGPT specifically. He uncovered ways I could use it to improve my own business and he made me realise ways I can use it to help my clients get a ton of value and fast-track their results. Neeraj is a genuinely a thought leader in this space.”

Adam Franklin

Founder, Blue Wire Media

Rest easy with our ironclad 90-Day Money Back Guarantee, ensuring a risk-free venture into unparalleled LinkedIn mastery

if your expectations aren’t thoroughly exceeded, every penny will be promptly returned, heralding a commitment to your absolute satisfaction and peace of mind.
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The investment?

We have 2 models. One is a self paced training with access to weekly group coaching and the other is to work directly with Neeraj on a 1:1 basis. Book strategy call to find out which option is the best one for you.
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Your Program Guide: Neeraj Shah
The AI LinkedIn Accelerator Program is a comprehensive coaching program designed to transform your LinkedIn profile into a high-converting landing page, leverage AI-driven content systems for efficient lead generation, and provide you with a structured strategy to automate outreach and engagement on LinkedIn.
This program is crafted for small business owners, coaches, and consultants who are looking to save time, overcome the tech hurdles, and build a consistent and lucrative stream of high-value clients using LinkedIn.
AI is harnessed to create a personalized content system capable of generating high-quality posts quickly and efficiently, without requiring you to type a single thing. Additionally, AI tools and resources are provided to enhance your LinkedIn profile, growth and engagement strategies.
The program encompasses LinkedIn brand transformation, AI-driven content system creation, AI lead magnet system setup, self-paced online training modules, a growing library of AI tools, insider knowledge through a private community, and live masterclasses from top LinkedIn influencers & AI experts.
The program is designed to save you time with AI tools, automation and structured strategies. The online training modules are self-paced and designed for 20-30 minute learning intervals, making it convenient for those with busy schedules. Look to invest about 3 hours per week for the best results.
No worries! The program is structured to guide you step by step, with hands-on training sessions and a community of support to help you leverage AI and LinkedIn effectively, regardless of your tech background.
The pace at which you see results may vary depending on your engagement and application of the strategies taught in the program. However, with dedicated application, you could start seeing a positive transformation in your LinkedIn engagement and lead generation relatively quickly.
If for any reason you find that the program isn’t meeting your expectations within the first 90 days, you are entitled to a full refund. Our aim is to ensure your absolute satisfaction and provide a risk-free opportunity to explore the benefits of the program.
Enrolling is simple! Click the ‘Apply Now’ button, fill out the brief application form, book a call with us to confirm if you are a good fit for the program. If you are accepted, you will be given a payment link and you’ll be on your way to mastering LinkedIn marketing and engagement through our program.
Absolutely! You will have access to our private community, providing unparalleled opportunities to network, collaborate, and exchange ideas with business leaders who share your drive for success.

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