4 Powerful Ways This App Helps You Manage Email Better!

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We all suffer from email overload. Between personal & business emails the average user receives over 200 emails per day! In 2015, the number of business emails sent and received per user per day totals 122 emails. This figure continues to show growth and is expected to average 126 messages sent and received per business user by the end of 2019. According to some research, the average office worker spends 25% of their time responding and processing email. 30% of the emails we receive are not important. So how do we deal with all of these so that we can manage email better?

Over the last month, I have been testing a brand new iOS app which I LOVE – called TIMYO. It is a FREE Gmail plugin, that is also available on Apple Mail and there is an Outlook plugin coming soon. There are a number of key benefits Timyo has which are aligned with email productivity best practices. If you are a GTD (Getting Things Done) enthusiast I think you will love this too.

  1. Process email that matters when it matters – Only 30% of email is important. Timyo allows you to cut through the clutter and to process email by tagging a due date. Swipe left on your screen and it will give you an option of when you want to schedule to read and respond to the email. Don’t worry about the rest. It colour tags emails for today in yellow, future dates in green and overdue in red. You can then just click on “today’s” email folder to see what you need to process for today and no other email. It frees my mind to focus on what’s important today without fearing that something has fallen through the cracks.
  2. Plan your days – One productivity tip I swear by is batching my email processing twice a day – once at 12 noon and once at 4 pm. With Timyo it will tell me if I have a lot of emails to process the next day or week in the agenda view so that I can allocate sufficient time for the same. It allows me to be ready for whats coming up the next day when I plan my next day in my evening planning ritual.
  3. Clarity in your communication – This is one of Timyo’s coolest feature – when responding to an email or sending a new email to a user you can be clear about what sort of response do you want from them and when you want them to do it by. For example is only to be read or do you need a response by a certain date. This gives clear expectations in your emails even if the user does not have Timyo. If you are copying someone you can also assign what sort of response you require from them which may be different from the person you are sending the email to. Because the email is sent with clear expectations, Reply tracker feature allows you to stay on top of pending replies. Email remains the #1tool today’s workforce uses to communicate. Unfortunately, it was not designed for the ‘always on’ expectations that have become the norm. Thanks to Timyo, users can now benefit from clear and proactive communication.
  4. Link multiple accounts – Timyo allows you to link multiple Gmail accounts so you can use both your work and personal email accounts with Timyo.


Give Timyo a try today to tame your email and be more productive. Watch the short video below to understand how it works…

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