How to have happy and engaged employees

Employee Engagement

The number one challenge that I’ve seen with entrepreneurs as they grapple to scale up their enterprise is people. In my last blog, we saw how important a second line of management is but still overall people struggle on that particular front.  So how do you have happy and engaged employees? In this blog , […]

5 Hacks For Hiring Best Employees

Finding the best fit for the job could get tricky at times. There might be candidates who are excellent at interpersonal skills but might still not be the right fit for the job, for instance, if you are looking to hire candidates for the role of sales or customer services, you might be required to […]

How to handle business risk with this framework

Business Growth Pillar #6 - Risk Management

Does your business have some strong risk management policies and frameworks in place? Doing business is a risky affair and you can’t avoid risk. So it’s really important to have a risk mitigation framework in place. There are certain key parameters that you need to focus on while trying to deploy an appropriate risk mitigation […]

8 Ways of motivation to increase your teams productivity

8 Ways of motivation to increase your teams productivity

It is difficult to find great employees and even harder to retain them, one of the ways of retaining employees is “motivation”. As an entrepreneur, it is important to enhance the employee morale to curb the attrition rates and increase productivity.

5 Ways To Build A Successful Team

5 Ways to build a successful team

Teams are not made in a day or two, It takes hard work, commitment and humbleness to build a team. By definition a team is any group of people organized to work together interdependently and cooperatively to accomplish a purpose or a goal, however, in reality, a team is much more than that….it brings the […]

Securing Finance through Private Equity: Are you really ready for it?


Businesses fail due to diverse reasons. However, scarcity of funds remains as one of the major contributors to business failure. In today’s highly competitive world, businesses perish when they fail to grow. With growth being primarily fueled by continuous investments, a dearth of adequate funding may actually hinder growth, which, in turn, may shorten the […]

5 Traits To Make A Successful Team

5 Traits To build A successful Team

What are the best teams like? This has been a question for years. Many companies have done years of the research to see what contributes to a successful team. Over the years, Google has made this attempt to understand its people. Google wanted to know why some teams excelled over the others. Before this research, the […]

How To 4X Your Business Growth – Focus On Your Core Activities

Would you like to earn revenues that would be four times higher than what you currently earn today? Well, there’s one simple way through which you can achieve that – focus on your core activities. A recent EY report revealed that the companies which did this one thing had four times higher revenues than the […]

The 7 Pillars for Massive Business Growth

business growth

Are you ready to grow your business even faster? Then you need to have these seven pillars of business growth in place. In this particular blog, I’m going to give you an overview of the seven pillars and then in subsequent blogs, I’m going to go into each pillar in more detail and give you […]