A Powerful FREE Template to Turbocharge Your Marketing - Neeraj Shah

A Powerful FREE Template to Turbocharge Your Marketing

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Marketing is a system that brings the right prospects to your sales team. Every successful business owner I know spends at least 50% of his or her time on marketing. Every marketing plan must answer these 5 questions to be effective (Free template at the end of this blog):

  1. Who?
    Who is your ideal client? Who is the market for your product or service. You can profile your target market in terms of both socio-economic data (such as age, income, gender etc.) and psychographic qualities (such as personality, values, lifestyle and attitudes).

    Clarity about the kind of client you would like to serve allows you to say “NO” to others and help you streamline your services to dominate a niche.

  2. What?
    What is the specific message you want to communicate to this target market. What is your Unique Serving Proposition (USP)? How do you and your company serve your target audience? How do you specifically add value for this target market.You have to find a way to communicate exactly how you are unique in serving your clients i.e. what customer problem do you understand deeply or what solution do you provide.

    Finally communicate what is the expected transformation that the client will get from dealing with you. Will they save time, money or have more time for their family, for example if they use your product. How will their life or business change positively by using your product? Customers buy the transformation, so spend time clearly communicating this to your target market.

  3. Why?
    Why should the customer buy from you. This is where you need to show social proof that you are able to help deliver the transformation you promise.Do you have independent reviews or testimonials about your product or service? Do you have specific awards from a recognised body or trade association for excellence.

    Did you know that 3 simple quote style testimonials increased sales by 34% for WikiJobs? Testimonials work so use them.

  1. How?
    How will you get your message out? This is all about using the right channels to distribute your marketing message through. Are you going to use advertising? Are you going to use point of sale displays? Are you going to use events? Are you going to use social media? Are you going to use a blog? These are all channels that can be used to distribute your message.

    Use the channels that your target clients are most likely to use. Monitor and measure how well are your current channels working.

  1. What?
    This what is related to your product or service. This is the back end. Do you have a system to take your client through your product funnel. This is a systematic manner in which you are able to market different products or services to a client.

    It may start with a low value product or service and then graduate the client to buy high value items or buy more frequently like a subscription program.

Leave a comment below on what part of this blog you found useful. Click on this link to get a FREE Marketing Plan template.

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  1. Clearly communicated. The clarity of the message is the most useful aspect! Thank you Neeraj.

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