[Case Study] What is the fastest way for young entrepreneurs to succeed?

[Case Study] What is the fastest way for young entrepreneurs to succeed?

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The word “entrepreneurship” has taken leaps and bounds and has gone through a huge transformation in all these years and still continuing, especially when technology continues to enable innovation.

In this booming world of business, “Young entrepreneurship” is on its verge. Millennials have taken over baby boomers and soon the generation Z will evolve. These New age young entrepreneurs have surprised us with their out of box thinking, leadership qualities and execution styles.

Will this latest generation of entrepreneurs reshape how we do business tomorrow?

Helping Young Entrepreneurs Grow Faster

At Titan Masterminds, we love to work with young entrepreneurs and help set up a step by step growth process, a concrete action plan which is expected to give 100% or even 200% growth and effective marketing strategies. Here is a story of one such your entrepreneur:

Saumil Parikh has set a good example of Young entrepreneurship and believes “Imagination is more important than knowledge, this has guided him to turn his dream into reality.
The thought “I cannot work under someone else” makes Saumil quit his job and start his own business ventures. He is into Portfolio Management and started this 5 years back. We are also into a niche space which is my focus area now, wherein we earn more on client’s existing portfolio” Say’s Saumil.

Starting A Business Can Be Challenging

Saumil has faced lot of challenges, The first was to select the right business. “When I quit my job in research, it was more of “not doing a job” inspiration rather than “doing a business” inspiration. External hurdles aside, a very basic hurdle was money. With limited financial backup, I had to make sure I teach to earn a living. I tried to overcome the hurdles by being completely transparent about my problems with my clients and perseverance”

To avoid costly mistakes and help Saumil reach his business goals quicker, he decided to get a business mentor. Under Neeraj Shah’s mentorship, he discovered his core business competency and decided to focus on a niche product. This product is something which few people know about and has tremendous growth prospects. Saumil has now set his sights on an Assets Under  Management (AUM) target of 100 crores till March 2019.

Transition from Being a Solopreneur to an Entrepreneur

He learnt, a business is something which can run by itself and be independent of the business owner. He began to make a transition from being a solopreneur to being a real business owner. Currently, Saumil has 6 people team including a fund manager, a trader and other admin staff. “We have more than 120 clients and a decent AUM.”

Saumil now focuses more time on marketing. One marketing strategy of “Selling more to existing clientshas really worked for him. He says, “since I was new to this business everyone just tested me by investing a small portion of their wealth. When I learnt about Selling more to existing clients, I went to them again for a cup of tea and realized that more than returns, the client wants someone who is trustworthy and easily accessible & approachable. This helped me to raise more funds.“

So, what has guided the journey of this young entrepreneur? And many others who started with a dream of being successful.

Saumil says ”I have been attending Titan Masterminds sessions from the start. All sessions were really inspiring and I have benefited a lot from Titan. But specifically, the session on

9 Ways to Grow your Business”, it changed my thinking.

After the session. I was supposed to go with my fiancee for shopping, I finished it off with super fast speed and came home and wrote my next future plan for my business for one hour. One of the key learnings was “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. This was the line that caught me. I am always the person who is busy and don’t have time. If I have free time, I feel guilty. I have so many things in my mind to do to expand my business but was not able to be free from busyness. After that truth bomb, I have decided to leave my current business tensions to my staff, be more free, imagine and dream more for growth of my business. I realized that richer people do not necessarily work hard, but they think outside the box by imagining more.

I will be implementing many things out of this workshop and looking forward for more sessions!”

Accelerate Your Business Success With Mentoring

Titan Masterminds is a powerful, small group mentoring intensive for entrepreneurs, professionals, and senior level executives ready to up-level their businesses and breakthrough to new levels of success. This is a program designed for go-getters and action takers who are ready to play big and it unveils step-by-step insider strategies and structures that multi-crore businesses have used to achieve peak performance and incredible profits.

We love to work with young entrepreneurs and help set up a step by step growth process, concrete action plan which is expected to give 100% or even 200% growth and effective marketing strategies.

We have helped Saumil grow with “A proven 7-step Business Success Blueprint.” This has freed him up from day to day operations and focus “On the business” rather than “In the business”.

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