[Case Study] How to Get Better Clients, Charge Premium Prices & Work Less

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[Case Study] How to Sell Your High Ticket Services

This is exactly how Jyotsna Ramachandran productised her publishing business and grew her business by 250% by selling premium services and how you can too!

In this awesome video you’ll learn how to get better clients, earn premium rates and work less.

We have marked the time stamps with chapters on the video so you can easily access them.

Watch this video below and you’ll discover:

  •  What’s Jyotsna’s expertise (1:02) 
  •  What does productising your business mean?  (2:31)
  • 5 reasons you should productise your business (03:18)
  • How to productise your service business (9:35)
  • How to scale your productised business (14:58)
  • Why & How you can charge premium rates (17:59)
  • How to have a predictable system to sell high-ticket items (25:06)
  • Summary (30:23)

Do you want my help to launch your high-ticket offer in the same way I helped Jyotsna?

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