[Case Study] How to Get Better Clients, Charge Premium Prices & Work Less

[Case Study] How to Sell Your High Ticket Services This is exactly how Jyotsna Ramachandran productised her publishing business and grew her business by 250% by selling premium services and how you can too! In this awesome video you’ll learn how to get better clients, earn premium rates and work less. We have marked the […]

7 Things An Entrepreneur Can Do to Respond to COVID19

Apart from the very real health concerns raised by COVID19, there are very real financial and economic implications that concern business owners. What do you when all your strategy and best-laid plans go out of the window? Strategy works when things are predictable, but in the current unprecedented situation, you need to get tactical. This […]

Why You Should Join a Mastermind?

A recent Forbes article says that joining a mastermind group might be the single most important thing you could do for your business. What is a Mastermind? How does a Mastermind Group work? How can a Mastermind help you accelerate the growth of your business? What is a Mastermind Group? “No two minds ever come […]

11 of the Best Business Lessons from Harsh Mariwala

A while back I had the opportunity to hear from billionaire founder of Marico Industries, Mr. Harsh Mariwala at the Ascent Conclave. He shared his 11 best business lessons from his incredible journey: 1. Evolve the vision You don’t have a clear vision initially. There is a negative in a tightly held vision. Be flexible and that […]

[VIDEO] How to Design Systems That Make Your Business Scalable

How to design systems

Do you have repetitive tasks that are key to your business? Then you need to design systems so that these tasks are done with consistent quality, speed, and efficiency. Here are 3 systems that every business should have. Design systems so that your business operates without you. The fastest way to grow your business is […]

[VIDEO] The #1 Hiring Mistake Stopping Your Business Growth

   Hiring the right people is a key part of growing a long term and profitable business. Hiring the wrong people is not only frustrating but also costly for a business owner. Here’s what you need to do before hiring your next employee. Setting up systems will help save you in making costly hiring mistakes. […]

The Ultimate Guide – How to do Epic Goal Getting

The Ultimate Guide - How to do Epic Goal Setting

One of my keys to success is having an annual goal getting system. I share a simple framework to set SMARTER goals and some of the common mistakes in goal setting and what you should do instead. I share a vital distinction between 2 different types of goals you should have – habit goals and achievement goals. […]

Top 3 Things Entrepreneurs Need To Know Before Starting

Top 3 Things Entrepreneurs Need To Know Before Starting

There are a lot of entrepreneurs who get into a business venture but, they really don’t know how to begin their journey. Challenges are part and parcel of the entrepreneurial journey. If you follow these 3 things, you will handle the challenges, thrive, and enjoy the journey too. The first thing that is going stop […]

[VIDEO] Why You Need To Tell More Stories

Why You Need To Tell More Stories

Everyone loves good stories. Telling stories is a critical, but often overlooked, a skill every business owner should have. Telling stories is a key income producing activity Stories will help communicate your vision. If you want to grow your business much faster if you want to lead winning teams if you want to leave a […]