[VIDEO] How to Design Systems That Make Your Business Scalable

How to design systems

Do you have repetitive tasks that are key to your business? Then you need to design systems so that these tasks are done with consistent quality, speed, and efficiency. Here are 3 systems that every business should have. Design systems so that your business operates without you. The fastest way to grow your business is […]

[VIDEO] The #1 Hiring Mistake Stopping Your Business Growth

   Hiring the right people is a key part of growing a long term and profitable business. Hiring the wrong people is not only frustrating but also costly for a business owner. Here’s what you need to do before hiring your next employee. Setting up systems will help save you in making costly hiring mistakes. […]

[VIDEO] What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

What type of entrepreneur are you?

Knowing your entrepreneur type can make you a fortune. Are you like Jeff Bezos or like Harsh Mariwala? Both are billionaire businessmen, but they have made their fortunes in 2 very different ways. Find out what type of entrepreneur you are so that you can play to your strengths and grow your business faster. You […]

The Ultimate Guide – How to do Epic Goal Getting

The Ultimate Guide - How to do Epic Goal Setting

One of my keys to success is having an annual goal getting system. I share a simple framework to set SMARTER goals and some of the common mistakes in goal setting and what you should do instead. I share a vital distinction between 2 different types of goals you should have – habit goals and achievement goals. […]

[VIDEO] Why You Need To Tell More Stories

Why You Need To Tell More Stories

Everyone loves good stories. Telling stories is a critical, but often overlooked, a skill every business owner should have. Telling stories is a key income producing activity Stories will help communicate your vision. If you want to grow your business much faster if you want to lead winning teams if you want to leave a […]

[VIDEO] How To Be More Productive

Hour of Power

We all have 24 hours in a day, but how effectively and productively we use that 24hour is what determines our success..the best way to start your day is by doing what needs to be done and I’m here to help you to be more productive … To know more Watch my video interview with […]

[VIDEO] Can One Change In Your Eating Habit Make Your More Productive?

Eating to be productive

Can One Change In Your Eating Habit Make Your More Productive? Neeraj interviews lifestyle and nutrition expert, Neha Ranglani, on a powerful way that you can eat to massively boost your productivity. Neha Ranglani is a nutritionist, YouTuber, blogger, speaker, counselor and a plant-based food coach who believes that our body is the most miraculous […]

[VIDEO] How to Up Level Your Life & Business

How to up level your life and business

Your business and life will grow to the level you grow yourself. Neeraj shares 3 powerful strategies you can use to instantly up level your life and business. This one strategy has produced a 1000% return for me.

[VIDEO] How to Build Rapport & Increase Sales

The top 4% of salespeople don’t focus on the close. They focus on another key important attribute of the entire sales process. In fact, 40% of their time is spent on cultivating this one thing – Rapport. Find out a simple 4 step structure to help you build rapport in every meeting with a prospect. […]