[VIDEO] How To Be A More Successful Leader - Dr. Marshall Goldsmith - Neeraj Shah

[VIDEO] How To Be A More Successful Leader – Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Video interview with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
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Being the best is never an accident. If you’re aiming to be amazing at what you do – whether it’s your business, your job, or even your relationship – one of the best things you can do is elevate who you study from. I have made it a habit to only learn from the best! Recently I had the opportunity to spend 90 minutes one to one with the world’s #1 leadership coach. Dr. Marshall Goldsmith. He is the leader that leaders look up to. He shares the secrets of being a more successful leader.

If you google “helping successful leaders,” you’ll notice something strange. Virtually the entire first search results point to one person: Dr. Marshall Goldsmith.

Harvard Business Review and The Wall Street Journal noted that Dr. Goldsmith is one of the top 10 leadership and business experts in the world. He’s also the author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There (one of my favorite book titles of all time).

I recently sat down with him and asked him questions I’d been wanting to ask for years.

Dr. Goldsmith is one of the few people who can answer these questions. Recently, I sat down to talk with him as part of my Titan Masterminds program to help accelerate the success of entrepreneurs. (Full interview transcript at the end of this post).

I want to share some of my favorite parts from our chat:

  • What gets Dr. Goldsmith up every morning (01:30)
  • Who inspired him to become a leadership coach? (02:30)
  • Dr. Goldsmiths tips on delegation for small business owners (3:30)
  • How leaders can focus more in this age of dramatic distraction (06:00)
  • How leaders can bring about change in their organisation. An amazing case study of Ex-Ford CEO – Allan Mulally (07:30)
  • The “ABC” of Leadership (10:15)
  • How Dr. Goldsmith maintains his positivity (11:00)
  • A key attitude leaders need to have to succeed. (12:00)
  • Dr. Goldsmith’s inspiration from the Bhagavad Gita (13:30)
  • How do leaders handle dramatic change around them (14:30)
  • A simple technique to develop your second line of leadership (15:00)
  • Why he loves to come to India (17:30)
  • His candid answer to how he’d like to be remembered (19:00)

Let us know what your key learning was from this successful entrepreneur by leaving a comment below.

Read a word for word transcript here.

Trust me you will want to hear what he has to say. Like, comment below and share what you learned from Dr. Goldsmith!

You will also love this short video with Dr. Goldsmith: The 5 Most Important Things in Life.

If you’d like to book Dr. Marshall Goldsmith for your next event or leadership offsite please contact Mr. Gautam Gangalani of Right Selection Speakers Bureau.

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