1:1 LinkedIn Accelerator Program

3 Month Intensive Coaching Program

In our 3month coaching program, you’ll get a fast-track into how to turn your LinkedIn marketing into a profitable tool that delivers your ideal clients.   

You’re happy with your LinkedIn profile you have, but you know it needs work to deliver what you want from it.  

I’m constantly testing out strategies on LinkedIn. Even as a LinkedIn expertI have to keep learning as the platform is constantly evolving. How else can I ensure that LinkedIn brings in the right amount of clients and (more importantly) the right type of clients? 

The same goes for you. Having a LinkedIn presence is the easy bit. Now it’s time to grow your network and monetize it work for you. 

In our 3-month coaching program, we will tell you exactly how to attract and convert high-value clients using LinkedIn. This won’t be a group program, this is a highly personalised, intensive program customised around your business. 

Month LinkedIn Accelerator Program – US$3,000 | INR 2,25K (+ GST)

We will focus on 6 key areas, giving you personalised, actionable advice based on our research around your business. These will be in video format each month. 

1. Promotion Plan

We’ll help you create a 90-day custom promotion plan for your business. Using principles of agile leadership we will help you create and execute a solid plan.  

This will help you set clear financial goals, development goals and learning goals to help you hit and exceed your targets like never before. 

I’ll help you perfect your pitch so that you can attract and convert high-value clients online. 

2. Appearance

Your LinkedIn profile matters. It’s the first thing someone will notice and even influence their decision whether to accept your connection request or not. If it’s done badly it’s one of the main reasons people hit the backspace button. 

We’ll help you optimise your profile photo, your banner, headline, about section, & recommendations based on the dream clients you want to attract and convert – telling you exactly how you can improve these elements to make your profile more visually appealing to your reader.

3. Perfect Prospecting

We will strategically build your network on LinkedIn. How to find your ideal future clients using LinkedIn’s advanced search system without using the paid version of LinkedIn.  
I’ll help you create your own custom searches using the free version of LinkedIn.  
Have a clear plan how to build a network of ideal prospects and approach them in the right way.

4. Messaging Magic

I’ll help you create a customised set of outreach messages which will help convert new connections into paying clients.  

I’ll help you use proven social selling principles without appearing salesy or spammy.  
The right messaging will create outbound leads and opportunities.

5. LinkedIn Content Playbook

If you want to be successful on LinkedIn, you cannot ignore content marketing. Content marketing, if done right, should deliver you your ideal clients who are well-informed and eager to work with you.

I’ll advise you how to build an effective content strategy that will help you be very visible on Linkedin as a credible expert in your niche. It will increase your inbound leads at scale and bring in better qualified clients.

6. Marketing Automation

You’ll get my expert help in setting up marketing automation that complements your LinkedIn strategy without using LinkedIn automation that will get you banned. 

I’ll show you how to set up a robust LinkedIn lead generation funnel which includes your lead magnet and an automated high converting new subscriber email welcome sequence 
I’ll advise you on how to set up automation that gets people off LinkedIn and onto sales calls with you.

What else will you get?

As part of the coaching programme, you will be held accountable, given feedback and will have your questions answered. Here’s what else you’ll receive…. 

1:1 Time With Me

After you’ve received your weeks’s videos and relevant worksheets, you will have a 45-minute video call with me where you can ask me your questions or gain my feedback on any changes you’ve implemented. This is every week for 3 months.

Checklists To Measure Success

Each week, I’ll provide you with a personalised checklist that details our action points for you. This is for you to use to hold yourself accountable, and so you have a clear plan to follow.

Initial Deepdive

We’ll have an initial discussion with you before we get cracking with the coaching. I need to understand who your ideal clients are, the problems your currently having, your competition and where you want your business to be in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions...

No. This is an intense 3-month coaching course, designed to turn LinkedIn into a profit centrefor your business. 

The total cost of this coaching programme is $3K You have to make that back. You also have to factor in the time it’s going to take you (or your staff) to go through our programme and implement changes. 

Only you will know exactly if this is worth it. We work with people who need just one or a few extra sales from LinkedIn to make this viable (and obviously, you get a lot more than that!) 

The things we teach will change your business and website long-term. I won’t implement the work myself,the idea is you get a clear strategy to continually develop your LinkedIn marketing so it constantly brings in the sales and leads you need. 

However, we can recommend some amazing people to help you implement some of the changes if you need it. 

Once you’ve booked, we’ll arrange a call with you to go through a deep-dive of your business.  

I’ll then conduct my own research and begin to send you your coaching videos.  

Each week, you’ll have a call with me to discuss the topics covered in the videos, ask us any questions or gain feedback on action items you have completed.

It costs $1k or INR 75k (+ Gst for those in India), to be paid on the same date each month. This is a minimum of a 3-month commitment. If you’d like to pay the total in advance then you’ll only pay US$ 2,750 or INR 2.04K. You save $250 or INR 21K.

If you are in India you will be charged in Indian Rupees. If you leave outside of India you will be charged in US$ 

As part of this programme, we won’t meet you face-to-face, however we do offer virtual coaching for you and your team if you need it.