11 of the Best Business Lessons from Harsh Mariwala

A while back I had the opportunity to hear from billionaire founder of Marico Industries, Mr. Harsh Mariwala at the Ascent Conclave. He shared his 11 best business lessons from his incredible journey: 1. Evolve the vision You don’t have a clear vision initially. There is a negative in a tightly held vision. Be flexible and that […]

[VIDEO] What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

What type of entrepreneur are you?

Knowing your entrepreneur type can make you a fortune. Are you like Jeff Bezos or like Harsh Mariwala? Both are billionaire businessmen, but they have made their fortunes in 2 very different ways. Find out what type of entrepreneur you are so that you can play to your strengths and grow your business faster. You […]

[VIDEO] Interview with Mr. Harsh Mariwala

Iconic entrepreneur & billionaire, Mr. Harsh Mariwala shares his entrepreneurial journey with Neeraj. Watch this captivating interview with a number of gems and tangible takeaways for every entrepreneur who wants to succeed. Visit Ascent India Foundation on http://www.ascentfoundation.in/ to find out how Ascent can help you enrich your entrepreneurial journey. In this episode you will discover: The […]