The Surprising Reason Why Piyush Lost 14 Kilos Weight While SkyRocketing His Business by 300% - Neeraj Shah

The Surprising Reason Why Piyush Lost 14 Kilos Weight While SkyRocketing His Business by 300%

Piyush Bhatia
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I have lost 14 kilos weight in the last 12 months while my business has grown by over 300%! This was a message I recently received from one of my mentoring clients, Piyush Bhatia (see the picture). More than the loss of fat he says he feels 15 years younger and feels energetic throughout the day! In fact, many of my mentees have lost anywhere from 6 to 28 kilos in a period of six to twelve months while they skyrocket their business growth! So why is it that so many of my mentees reduce their physical waistline while massively increasing their businesses bottom line? 

I’m not a dietician nor a personal trainer, but I’m a business mentor. Read on to find out why my mentees get simultaneously healthier while skyrocketing their business growth…

What I have noticed over the last 25 years of the study of success is that success boils down to HABITS! Any part of your life or business where you are succeeding you will find that you have a set of positive supportive habits that sustain the positive results! And conversely, any part of your life or business where you are not getting results you either don’t have habits or you have lousy habits!

The problem is that most of us don’t consciously design success habits and have an installation protocol to lock in the habit.

Your life is your day in miniature!

Aristotle said, “we are what we repeatedly do and therefore excellence is not an act, but a habit.” So when entrepreneurs and professionals come to me to grow their business I help them identify some of the best habits in the world that will help them Win at Business and Succeed in Life!

When Piyush approached me his business was struggling to make ends meet, he was depressed and his health was suffering. He had left a plum job with a global financial services company to help 1 crore Indians become confident English speakers, but somehow along the way, he lost his way.

We took Piyush through a very powerful visioning exercise that immediately reconnected him to why he had started his business in the first place. Then we helped him evaluate the current state of his habits on his personal life and business.

How to Fast Track Your Success

I helped Piyush design key success habits that worked for both his personal life and his business! These are ones that I have learned from directly my personal mentors. The easiest way I have found to fast track my success is to find a person who has achieved the results you want and learn directly from them. These are just some of my mentors: Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Dr. Tony Quinn, Robin Sharma, Vishen Lakhiani, Lisa Nichols, Verne Harnish, Brian Tracy, T Harv Eker, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and so many more.  I have personally invested over Rs. 1.65 crores in the last 15 years in my personal and professional development. I believe this was the best investment that I have ever made! 


Some of my mentors


I used these learnings to build a multi-million dollar business called BNI India across 21 cities while working 3 days a week. 

We helped Piyush identify all the energy drains and income reducing work that was sucking up his time. We then found a way to systemize it, delegate it, automate it or completely stop it with a powerful matrix. He was able to eliminate over 40 hours of non-productive in a week!

Imagine having 40 hours a week available to focus on high potential income producing activities that can exponentially increase your business revenues and profits.

We then streamlined the management of his business operations and moved all his meetings with key department staff to every Monday. We showed him how to run effective and laser focussed meetings. This then freed up the rest of the week where he could focus on his key strengths.

With this new found freedom he focused on marketing and writing a book – “Get Your Dream Job.” He launched it late last year and it has become a bestseller. He is selling a couple of books a day on Amazon. It has been acclaimed by famous personalities like the PMO’s office, HRD Minister, Prakash Jawadekar and Narayan Murthy to name a few.

We taught him some very specific low cost-high impact marketing strategies which have skyrocketed the number of qualified leads he gets at his 4 English Training centres across Mumbai. This has resulted in a 300% increase in his business in just 9 months!

Watch this video to hear more from Piyush about 3 specific things he implemented in his business:

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